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Our expert chef prepares food for you which is well-balanced, delicious and healthy. You thus stand to benefit from good nutrition without having to think too much about it.


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We cannot express it fully the kind of a feeling that you will exude from the deep confines of your heart the moment you come in to enjoy our chef prepared meals at The Kryptonite Hotel.

We always seek to give you what you definitely want, a memorable eating experience; and, as you get our 15 minute prep time to make sure that your order is just right whether, warm, cold or hot (however you want it), there is a daily newspaper that you can go through to keep yourself updated and you can also order a light drink that is totally price friendly from our menu.

Truth be told, there is a variety of all kinds of orders that you can make from our menu.

You just have to find yourself here with us to really grasp the power of what you will receive and definitely come back for more.

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